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Pressure Washing Harlow Wood

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Pressure Washing Harlow Wood

Pressure Cleaning in Harlow Wood
Pressure Washing Harlow Wood are a professional jet washing company in Harlow Wood and all towns and villages throughout Nottinghamshire. We have many years of experience making us a safe company for the job. We’ll pressure clean your patio, driveway, decking etc. to remove months of grime and algae to make your drive or decking looking as it did when it was new.

If you wanted to, you could probably clean your driveway, terrace, etc. yourself, so why use a company? There are various pros to hiring a professional power washing company, keep reading for a handful of these reasons.

Effort to clean

Harlow Wood Driveway Jet WashingLet’s be honest, cleaning is tiring, particularly if the item that requires cleaning is a driveway or decking! Even if the area that needs cleaning isn’t huge, with no decent equipment, it’s a lot of hard work.

Booking a professional to do the hard work saves lots of messy work and effort.

Professionals will be more efficient when it is something they do on a daily basis. They’ll also do a much better job as a result of having their professional cleaners.

Water Saving

Cleaning an area as big as a driveway or terrace will always need plenty of water. Using a hosepipe or bucket is generally the best method to move water to the place that requires cleaning. However a lot of water is needed to achieve the level of cleanliness desired.

Pressure washing machines need much less water than other methods. Its thought that a hosepipe requires roughly 3,500 litres of water an hour, however a pressure washer would generally use less than 700L in the same hour.

Using much less water means that an area will be cleaned in a way that uses much less water than with other methods.

Quality of Pressure Cleaning

Decking Pressure Cleaning in Harlow Wood If you’re cleaning a driveway or terrace yourself, you’ll either use a garden hose and a stiff brush, or a domestic power washer. And no doubt you will likely be able to improve the look a great deal.

However, an expert using proper equipment, will be able to achieve a much deeper clean, over a bigger area, in less time.


When a drive, decked area or a patio is exposed to the elements for an extended time, it gets dirty. If the conditions are damp then as well as the patio or driveway getting dirty, algae also starts to grow and spread.

When there is algae on a surface it’s not just a green eye sore, it’s also slimy and unsafe. A professional can quickly remove all moss and dirt, making your driveway or terrace safe again.


Patio Pressure Cleaning in Harlow WoodWhen cleaning your own driveway/terrace it will likely look cleaner, however it’ll soon get dirty again.

After we’ve properly pressure cleaned your drive/patio we will also seal it using the correct sealant to ensure that the part cleaned appears like new after cleaning, but remains cleaner for a longer time without getting dirty again too soon.

What can be pressure washed?

There is a lot we can pressure clean for you, here’s a list of some of the things we can clean:

  • Wooden Decking
  • Drives
  • Patios/Terraces
  • Fencing
  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Paths
  • Pool/Hot Tub Areas
  • Block Paving, Concrete, Tarmac, Stone
  • Bricks, Cladding
  • Sheds & Summer Houses

Pressure Washing Stain Removal

Roof Pressure Washing in Harlow Wood While we pressure wash your driveway, terrace, etc. we’ll effectively eliminate almost any mark or blemish that may be there, these can include:

  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Weeds
  • Rubber marks from tyres
  • Paint spills
  • Oil stains
  • Lawn fertiliser stains
  • …and just about anything else!

In Conclusion

Our service is simple, but incredibly effective. We can rapidly and safely clean your drive, terrace, etc. making it look fantastic and safe for your family.

So, do you have an area that needs power washing? Then don’t hesitate, ring us now to get a quick quote, or fill in the form and we’ll call you as quickly as possible.